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How To Mindfulness Meditate? How To Meditate 7 Chakras? The Path To Peace

Mindfulness meditation is mental training to find inner peace and clarity, which could be challenging. Keep reading to complete the human ability of self-awareness and learn how to meditate mindfulness. 

Mindfulness meditation is a powerful tool to reduce stress, increase calmness and clarity in your mind and body, let go of negativity, and promote happiness overall. Nonetheless, practicing mindfulness will make your mind and body fully aware of your inner self instead of being overly reactive and overwhelmed by what is happening around you.

Combining meditation with mindfulness will make you achieve a mental state that may help you stay focused while acknowledging your thoughts and feelings and avoiding judgments. Techniques may vary, but you should know if you are meditating correctly.

Although learning mindfulness meditation is straightforward enough that one may easily practice independently, in this article, we will guide you about the art of meditation and how mindfulness meditation works so that you may reap its incredible benefits.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is about being present in the moment with acceptance and joy. When someone is mindful of their actions, they pay more attention to what they are doing. Mindfulness is about staying in your senses and managing overwhelming emotions while noticing your thoughts.

It originated in Buddhism but gained worldwide popularity due to its unbelievable benefits and straightforward practice. One may practice mindfulness even in a too-busy routine.

How much to meditate per day?

Mindful meditation will start with setting a time for practice. Initially, one may choose a short time, for instance, 7 minutes of meditation. Establishing a routine will help you to get comfortable with the practice, and a few minutes can make a big difference.

You may build up time twice as long by that time, even taking 45 minutes or an hour. One may even use a mobile timer and repeat the sessions in the morning and evening. Keep in mind doing something little is better than doing nothing at all.

How to meditate for mindfulness?

Meditation is a simple process; one may do it on their own or even can avail of any program that may help them start. If someone has injuries or other physical difficulties, you can modify the practice which suits your situation.

The purpose of mindful meditation is to remain cognizant throughout all aspects of our life, making individuals open-hearted, awake, and present in everything we perform.

Finding a peaceful place

Where to meditate at home? One may start by finding a peaceful spot at their home when there is not much clutter. It would be preferable if you find some natural light space. You may even sit outside but choose the place with little distraction.

Even a mindful meditation journey starts by finding a serene and peaceful place with significantly less disturbance. The preferable site is a soft natural spot to stabilize yourself and find a moment of relaxation.

  • Get comfortable
  • Selecting time limit
  • Eliminate distractions
  • Mindful breathing
  • Body scan
  • Notice your thoughts
  • Maintain a mindful lifestyle
  • Give yourself a break
  • Troubleshooting and common challenges
  • Seek guidance
  • Download an app

Get comfortable

After finding a comfortable place, sit in a chair or on a floor with a straight head, neck, and back but make sure it is not stiff. Wearing comfortable and loose clothing will also help avoid distraction.

One may practice anywhere for any specific time without following any dress code.

Choose a comfortable posture.

Select a suitable posture while sitting on a chair or even the floor. The fundamental thing is to be comfortable and relaxed first.

Your spine has a natural curvature, so do not move it and let your head and shoulder comfortably rest on top of your vertebrate. Let your hands drop on your legs and upper arms at your sides, and your hands in the right spot.

Let your eyelids down, or you may lower them ultimately, but there is no need to close them thoroughly. Let anything that comes before your eyes appear without focusing on it.

Selecting time limit

One may start with a realistic time frame and extend the duration over time. You can even set a timer with a soft and gentle alarm for time settling, but one must focus on meditation instead of time.

Eliminate maximum possibilities of stopping and doing something else. Mostly, people lose track of time while meditating, but even a little time can have long-lasting effects.

Eliminate distractions

Put away distractions, including mobile and other potential gadgets. Remember that you designed this time only for you and your inner peace.

Mindful breathing

Be aware of your breath and follow it when it goes out and goes in. Inhale deeply, exhale slowly and focus well on your breath, which will help avoid distractions. Feel your belly rise and fall as the air enters your nostrils; even you can change the temperature during inhaling and exhaling.

Body scan

Make physical body adjustments by moving your body or stretching a bit. Scan your body, starting from your toes and moving to your head. Shift a moment you choose, allowing a space between what you experience and desire.

Notice your thoughts

Meditation is not about holding your thoughts to attain a comfortable position; one must mind your thoughts. Acknowledge your thoughts without judgment, and let them drift away. Your thoughts will inevitably split while meditation, making you think about unimportant things, daydream, or judge yourself or others.

There is nothing wrong with thinking as it is natural as breathing; however, you may watch your thoughts, keep an eye on distractions, and take a moment to overcome them. Reopen your attention and gradually return to your awareness of the breath, as there is no need to drag the mind forcefully.

Instead of putting effort into engaging in your desired work without letting your mind roam, practice observing without the need for a reaction. Sit and pay attention, and it is hard to maintain; try repeatedly without any judgment or expectation.

When thoughts come up in your mind, there is no need to ignore or suppress them. Notice your thoughts, and no need to ignore or suppress them; stay calm and use your breathing as an anchor.

Maintain a mindful lifestyle

Establish a daily routine, even for a few minutes. Consistency is the key to reaping the benefits of mindfulness meditation. Pay attention to the flavors and texture of your food, such as eating slowly and savoring each bite, focusing on what you are eating and how it may impact your body.

It sounds excellent to incorporate mindfulness into your daily life. For instance, be careful while driving, walking, or communicating with someone. Listen actively and empathetically when you are interacting with others.

Give yourself a break

Observe your thoughts without judgment if you feel carried away with worry, fear, anxiety, or hope. Do not be hard on yourself if this happens; practice returning to your breath and refocus on practicing mindfulness.

Troubleshooting and common challenges

It is imperative to seek will meditation to help with anxiety; if you feel restless, it is normal. Acknowledge your fear and gently guide your focus back and choose the anchor where you want to hold on.

Remember that mindfulness takes time, so be patient with yourself and progress in your daily routine. Moreover, if you feel sleepy during meditation, sit up or splash cold water on your face before meditation.

Seek guidance

The first and foremost thing to be successful in mindful meditation is consistency. We suggest you stick to your goals despite it being challenging. If someone is struggling, they may seek guidance from any meditation teacher.

Download an app

If still, someone needs help practicing mindfulness meditation; they must consider downloading some related free meditation apps. Such apps usually provide free meditations while teaching about various tools to get centered throughout your day.

How to meditate on 7 chakras?

If we think about life’s existence, it is beyond the physical matter and connects to the invisible energy within us. The 7 Chakras meditation system offers new pathways to healing and growth.

Humans may experience consistent emotional instability, low mood, and stubborn fatigue. These mere emotions may lead to more severe problems with the body’s energy.

Chakras are energy centers responsible for physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. The heart pumps blood to other body organs, and chakras spread life-force energy, ensuring good emotional and physical health.

How to do mindfulness meditation in Hindi, the following seven reflections correspond to the seven main energetic centers while affecting different elements of life and living. You may choose the meditation chakras according to your current condition or rotate the chakra each week to bring harmony and balance to your life.

Root chakra/Muladhara

When you have some unsettled feelings, overwhelmed with uncertainty, or undergoing some significant life changes, activate your root chakra.

  • While meditating outside, sit on the ground and connect to the earth’s elements. If you are sitting on a chair, plant your feet firmly on the ground; prefer to lie on the floor for the one.
  • Close your eyes and bring awareness to the base of your spine, imagining a ruby-red sphere of light illuminating the floor of your pelvis. The light may radiate down your legs to your feet. And if you are lying down, it covers all the touching ground area.
  • Breathe deeply while imagining to fortify the physical condition of your body.
  • Start to inhale, draw energy up into the space in front of the tailbone glowing red. In comparison, when you exhale, you send the power back down and wide into the earth beneath you.

Sacral Chakra/Svadhisthana

This chakra meditation will help you trust your emotional intelligence while allowing your feelings to flow when you feel stuck and rigid spare time for the sacral chakra to connect to your vibrant center.

  • Sit on your hips, higher than your knees, and the area around your low back so your hips may relax. Rock your pelvis forward and backward a few times, loosening up the space around the sacral center before stillness.
  • Float right in the middle of your pelvic bowl between your navel and pubic bone, imagining a vibrant sun rising over the ocean horizon line.
  • Chant chakra mantra “Vam’ for 5-15 minutes.
  • Notice the vibration entering your sacrum, and you start feeling very energetic.
  • Finally, rub your palms together and place them over your eyes.
  • Affirmations include embarrassing the change as a healthy part of life with abundant creativity.

Solar Plexus chakra/Manipura chakra

The best solution when someone feels disempowered, insecure, or unworthy is bringing energy to your solar plexus, which ensures power and strength. Connecting to your warrior nature will ensure courage, discipline, and confidence.

  • Start with a sitting position, lengthen your spine, and loosen your shoulders.
  • Close your eyes with relaxed breaths. Bring your hands onto your belly, and massage big circles clockwise. This motion will soften the abdomen and enhance proper digestive fire to avoid the feeling of unworthiness.
  • Connect to this chakra while chanting “Ram.”
  • It may tone your abdominal muscles and let the belly get soft and complete, and support subtle breath.
  • Visualize the element of fire burning fear, inadequacy, and getting away from overwhelming circumstances.
  • Meditate and chant for 5-15 minutes, feeling fire energy moving above your naval.
  • Rub your palms together and cover your eyes to open with new ideas.

Heart chakra/Anahata

Try this meditation if you feel closed off, heartbroken, or lonely. Bringing energy to the heart chakra will help to connect objectless and unconditional love while tuning resilience, generosity of soul, and compassion.

  • Start with an easy seated position and ground your sitting bones into the earth.
  • Relax your eyes while breathing naturally while lengthening your spine. As the lungs are part of the heart chakra, attempt to breathe deeply during the practice.
  • Connect with the heart chakra by repeating the mantra “Yam.”
  • Feel the heart region open and begin the energy pulse; draw your attention to the center point of your chest.
  • See and feel love, beauty, and goodness radiating from the heart diamond and share the light with the world.
  • It makes you feel loved, valued, and worthy of love equally.

Throat chakra/vishuddha

This type of mindfulness meditation will help you to express yourself on all levels. Its practice may help you support creativity and artistic expression while living authentically.

  • Find an easy sitting position; the back of the neck is long and relaxed shoulders. Gently circle your head and neck in a comfortable upright position.
  • Relax your hands in your lap and breathe naturally. Bring awareness to your throat and neck by sitting right at the center of this area.
  • The blue light of turquoise shines through your ears, depicting listening to others and your inner voice. Balance the chakra to achieve all communication elements, including difficult conversations, personally or professionally.
  • Pay attention to your throat chakra, and use your voice for good. Practice positively contributing to the world to make it authentic and worth living.

Third eye chakra/Ajna

It brings clarity of thought, expanding the vision for the future while trusting your intuition. With regular meditation on your third eye, you may break through the limited thought patterns.

  • Close your eyes while sitting or lying comfortably while turning your gaze up towards the space between the brows, which will make you bring energy to the third eye point.
  • Sit comfortably meditatively with an elongated spine; the connection to the third eye is behind your eyes in the center of your brain.
  • The energetic point could envision indigo or deep royal blue while catching the inner light between your ears.
  • Returning to your brain’s awareness, keep your breath smooth and steady, and breathe in and out from your nose.
  • Chant the mantra “Om mentally” with full awareness as long as you feel comfortable. Repeat chanting for 5-15 minutes until you feel comfortable.
  • The practice of the third eye mantra will help eliminate the ego, open the mind to inner wisdom, and manifest the vision.

Crown chakra/Sahasrara

This chakra’s practice will help connect to your spiritual center or the God of your understanding. It may draw you closer to the oneness of all beings helping to overcome feelings of isolation, pessimism, hopelessness, and grievance.

It is the best practice of connecting to love, peace, and desire. You feel like the world is your teacher, guided by a higher power and inner wisdom.

  • Relax comfortably, keeping your back straight while your hands rest on your knees. Shut your eyes and focus on natural breathing.
  • Imagine your head floating like a water lily at the top of your spine, with a softened neck, jaw, eyes, and brows. See some purple light moving as a divine consciousness fills you with every breath.
  • When it feels natural, awareness settles on the point at the center of an imaginary lotus while revealing self to you.

How to know if you are meditating correctly?

Regular mindfulness meditation practice will help your physical and mental health, which may include:

Stress reduction

Meditation helps with anxiety as it is a standardized therapeutic approach that reduces the symptoms of stress in numerous healthy individuals. Mindfulness meditation practice is beneficial for several mental and physical disorders, including depression, anxiety and even chronic pain.

Improved immunity

Mindfulness practice may improve your body’s resistance to illness, as mindfulness and practice may significantly impact immune functions.

Lower heart rate

Heart diseases are one of the significant causes of death in the United States; however, mindfulness practice is beneficial for your heart. According to research, people who participate in mindfulness meditation have significantly lower heart rates and work efficiently on a test of cardiovascular capacity.

Better sleep

Participants in mindfulness meditation may improve sleep and even be helpful for particular sleep disturbances. Eventually, studies have shown that mindfulness meditation comes with improved sleep quality.


While seeking mindfulness meditation needs a profound practice that may transform your life, by following this comprehensive guide, you may embark on a journey toward inner peace while improving your mental and physical health.

How mindful meditation works, one may start it with 7 minutes of meditation and gradually enhance the time to enrich the existence in a never thought possible way.

Mindfulness meditation in Hindi, or meditation of 7 chakras, can balance your entire energy system and help you explore your happier and healthier self. Refrain from expecting immediate results from mindfulness meditation and how to know if you are meditating correctly; it needs practice, patience, consistency, commitment, and resilience.

Consequently, mindfulness meditation is a life-changing practice that can bring peace, clarity, self-awareness, and faithfulness. It may take you toward harnessing the incredible power of mindfulness.

By learning how to meditate for mindfulness, you may seek relief from stress, improve mental health, better relationships, and create deeper connections with the present moment potential to enrich every aspect of your life. Mindfulness meditation has the transformative power while illuminating your path brighter and hopeful for a mindful future.

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