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The 6 rules of the perfect selfie according to Wiko

Without smartphones, social media would not be so central in our lives, without photos social media would not have become for many a job, a daily commitment to manage their public image. Are you sure then that you know how to make and publish a selfie? With the right look, the right location, the right positioning of the room? Wiko, the French smartphone manufacturer, has created the decalogue for the perfect selfie. Six simple rules to always know what to do and what not to do when we self-tune a cam.

1) Duck Face, goodbye!

The famous position of the Zoolander-style duckbill lips turns to its last chapter and the natural facial expressions will be the real protagonists of the summer. Therefore space for smiles, expressions of amazement or sadness instead of the duck face artifact. Facial expressions are not determined by local culture or traditions but are part of a universal language, as mentioned in the 1950s by the famous American psychologist Paul Ekman, who had conducted a study on people belonging to 21 different cultures.

2) The viral #bathroomselfie

Apparently it is the bathroom that wins the first place among the favorite locations for selfies. There are really many influencers and users who self-portray with the hashtag #bathroomselfie, especially in the elegant hotel bathrooms with mirrors set in illuminated frames.

3) We don’t bother the great authors

Who knows how James Joyce or Marcel Proust would have reacted if they had seen their most famous phrases accompanying provocative selfies. We think of good taste and ask selfie-addicted to avoid inconveniencing the greats of the past.

4) Beware of off limits gestures

On social networks the awareness of being under everyone’s eyes is fundamental! Many influencers have lost followers in a short time due to a classic case of ‘lost in translation’, that is, misunderstandings due to belonging to different cultures. Before shooting and posting you have to be careful of the gestures. For example, the classic V finger sign with the back of the hand in favor of camera, a must for fans of Japanese Kawaii fashion, is not well seen by British and Australians who consider it offensive. Even the very simple “Ok” done by hand to indicate approval, in Brazil and Russia takes on a negative meaning, while in France it indicates a person who is worth zero.

5) Catch-lik selfie with animals

If during the whole year the cat confirms itself as the undisputed king of selfies on Instagram, other animals like like quokka, a small marsupial with a smiling expression belonging to a protected species that lives on an Australian island, also gain on vacation. However, there are animals with which selfies are strictly prohibited, both for the safety of the animal and the self-timer. It may seem absurd, but the animals have not yet understood what a photo is and could react unexpectedly.

6) The great works of art, where selfies and photos are banned

The list of places where, for various reasons, there is a ban on taking photos is long and sometimes full of surprises. In many museums, the use of smartphones and cameras is prohibited to protect works of art, but places of worship and even well-known amusement parks have also banned the use of selfie sticks. Better to check first.

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